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SEVEN SAFETY introduced ourselves as a pioneer Manufacturers and Exporters of Complete Range of Working Gloves and Safety Wears in super quality here in Pakistan beg to our most excellent service to cater against your valuable requirements. We Seven Safety in Sialkot Pakistan, are the world-renowned manufacturers and exporters of the top-quality Working Gloves & Safety Wears.

We have been exporting our instruments all over the world to amount to hundreds pairs of Gloves in months. In a very short amount of time, our company has grown immensely to offer a diverse product range as well as acquire international certifications proving to our customers that our word and our products, both are of the highest quality.

Delivery:- All order are being processing within 24 hours of receipt. However, the special non-existing items may also be executed within the stipulated period.

We understand the diverse needs of our customers and know that quality along with delivery times are the most important and common requirements of our customers from both the segments. This realization allows us to serve our customers in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Seven Safety has Unique product selection & have the largest selection of gloves of any company by a long shot!

Customers Satisfaction:- The hall mark of our success in our field is attributable due mainly to the factor that our Chief Executive undertakes foreign tours, and have contacts with the Salesmen of our Distributors. This affords us a fair chance to regularly acquaint ourselves with matters relating to the quality and precision of the instruments compatible to the current world standard. In addition to this, foreign businessmen visiting Sialkot also provide us with more opportunities to listen to our customers needs and then respond accordingly.

Future Oriented:- We are a forward-looking enterprise, and are determined to cover more milestones so as to be the world leaders in our field in the days to come. We shall cooperate with you every way possible, and assure you to serve your business interests the best way possible.

In case you have any inquires, please feel free to contact us. Rest assured you shall find us ever quick and responsive. Looking forward to your early kind encouraging reply, and with warmest regards We remain best wishes.

With Best Regards
Seven Safety (C.E.O)

P.O.BOX # 2609
Nizam Street, Kotli Behram
Sialkot-51310. Pakistan

Phone:    +92 52 429 7005
Phone:    +92 52 429 7006
Direct:     +92 300 615 1304
Fax:         +92 52 429 4600
E-Mail:     info@sevensafety.com
Website:  http://www.sevensafety.com

News Updates

News Updates

We have updated our website with our latest products. We professional Manufacturers of Industrial Safety Products.

Quality Material

We use quality material to produce these products for our valued customer to full fill the requirements to achive the targeted Market.


We are looking for Distributors in Europe, America and Gulf Countries for Long Term Committement.



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